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When Taijuan Walker Cooked Dinner

Imagine a photoshopped chef's hat.

Christian Petersen

So often in the baseball blogging game, authors get caught up with radical notions and writing philosophies like posts should be "timely" or "topical" or "possessing merit in any way whatsoever." Thankfully, for all parties involved, I am immune to such trivial vanities, and I'd like to discuss with you a dinner that Taijaun Walker cooked back on February the sixteenth.

If memory serves and calendars don't lie, February 12th was when pitchers and catchers reported to spring training for the Seattle Mariners. The rest of the team joined three days later, and full-squad workouts started on the 16th. That evening, in anticipation of the next day's full schedule, Taijuan Walker cooked what you see above.

A true teammate, he did not cook only for himself, instead inviting friends James Paxton and Stefen Romero to join him at the dinner table. I think from this information is it safe to glean that Taijuan Walker is a true leader and ace in the making.

But lo, whatever could the young Walker have chosen to manufacture in the kitchen? The dish contains cheese, there's certainly no arguing that, and it appears to be held within an aluminum baking receptacle of not insignificant depth. We'll have to leave this important and pressing matter to the wisdom of the community. Make your selection below and the answer will reveal itself to you only when your soul is sufficiently prepared.