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24-33: Chart

Do not go outside and enjoy the weather. Stay here and discuss this 10-0 defeat.

Awful lot of effort for such a slow pitch.
Awful lot of effort for such a slow pitch.
Hannah Foslien

Source: FanGraphs

Candle in Darkness: Michael Saunders (.025 WPA)

Most Carlos Silva: Jeremy Bonderman (-.262 WPA)

For your discussion:

Jeremy Bonderman was notable for skipping his senior season of high school and entering the draft at 17. If you had a clear path towards a potentially lucrative career do you think you would have been willing to forego your senior year of high school and enter real life a year early?

Was this the only start Jeremy Bonderman makes for the Mariners?

Did you or are you planning on barbecuing this weekend? If so what did you make?

I love State Parks. What's your favorite State Park and why?