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31-40: Chart

The Mariners fell to the Angels on Monday night by a score of holy to crap to yawn.

Yeah, that's about right.
Yeah, that's about right.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a fun one. Sometimes I wonder if I would have ever got into writing had the Mariners not been so bad over the past decade. Often times when the club loses, the words flow easier than crap into the Oakland Coliseum. Tonight, I just don't have it. Losses like this don't come with the deflation, the questions about managerial decisions or any of that.

I guess my backflow valve is working.

Source: FanGraphs

In the game thread intro, I brought up Lolla-Blue-Za. As this game unfolded and I aimed dirty looks my own direction, you'll be happy to know that I punished myself by looking up all the particulars of that series. Boy, Rick White was a great pick up.

I was going to mow the lawn tonight, but it was kind of warm and baseball was coming on. Did you stick out the entire game? If not, what else did you do to occupy your evening?