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The Mariners and Raw Sewage

There is a metaphor in here somewhere.


On Sunday, the Mariners lost to the Oakland Athletics by a score of 10-2. They entered the visitor's clubhouse postgame with an overall record of 31-39. The team has been battling injuries and under-performance, top prospects are currently seeking improvement and rehabilitation in AAA. Hisashi Iwakuma, a lonely bright spot on a team bereft of much light, had scuffled through one of his worst starts of the season.

And then excrement arose from the shower drains and spilled onto the floor.

Players, unclothed and be-toweled, ran to safe haven on the second floor of the locker area, where they shared shower facilities with the Athletics in accommodations usually reserved for the Oakland Raiders football team. Baseball players generally labor under the hot summer sun while wearing numerous layers of cotton and polyester. Their pants are long and their hats are made of thick fabric that resembles wool. They run around and slide in the grass and dirt. Many cultivate mustaches and beards and any other number of heat-absorbing facial hair stylings. One would most likely be safe to assume that following a nine inning contest, most baseball player don't smell all that great. This is one way that they could be made to smell worse.

Fun Fact
Here is a list, in no particular order, of search terms the author employed while attempting to procure a suitably humorous image for the above post: Coliseum, Sewage, Sewer, Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom, Drain, Drainage, Urinal, Potty, Athletics, Oakland stadium, Poop, Toilet paper, Puddle