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1995 ALDS Game 5: Open Game Thread

Tonight's ROOT's Sunday Night Classic series is the most iconic Mariners game of all time - the 1995 ALDS Game 5 versus the Yankees. This game has been available online and on DVD for a number of years, but always with Brent Musburger on the call, the ESPN telecast. I've personally never seen the game in its entirety with Niehaus behind the mic, and I'm sure many of you haven't either.

First pitch is at 9:00, so sit back and enjoy some shameless nostalgia on a day where memories deserve to be relived.

Here are the starting lineups from this game. Players from this year's MLB draft were born after this game. Think about that for a second, laugh, cringe, and smile. This one will always be the best.

New York Yankees:

Wade Boggs
Bernie Williams
Paul O'Neill
Ruben Sierra
Don Mattingly
Dion James
Mike Stanley
Tony Fernandez
Randy Velarde

P - David Cone

Seattle Mariners:

Vince Coleman
Joey Cora
Ken Griffey, Jr
Edgar Martinez
Tino Martinez
Jay Buhner
Luis Sojo
Dan Wilson
Mike Blowers

P - Andy Benes