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29-37: Chart

Because we needed another reason that you can't predict baseball.

Look at all those crazed fans in the stands.
Look at all those crazed fans in the stands.
Stephen Brashear

Source: FanGraphs

Aaron Harang recorded his second complete game shutout of the season for the Seattle Mariners tonight at Safeco Field. Sure, they've come against the San Diego Padres and tonight's opponent -- the Houston Astros -- but he's been lousy against the Twins and Pirates; two teams ranked amongst the bottom 10 in wRC+ in baseball.

The oft repeated joke is that the Mariners make bad pitchers look like Cy Young. Well, tonight the Astros whiffed against Harang 10 times, gathered nary a walk and could only muster two hits -- one of which was gained weakly in the infield. Why thank you, Houston.

Jokes aside and putting credit where it's due: Aaron Harang, you had yourself a nice night on the rubber.

Oh, and Raul Ibanez is now 10th in the American League in dingers. Baseball!