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6/11: Open Game Thread

Hannah Foslien

The Mariners square off against the Astros, as Bud Norris faces Aaron Harang. As previously noted in the series preview, Bud Norris has seen his K rate plummet, but his FIP is at a career low thanks to his ability to keep the ball in the park so far. His xFIP isn't so kind, and some regression is coming. Here's to hoping it's tonight. I myself will be next door at the USMNT World Cup qualifier versus Panama.

Mike Zunino is with the Mariners for the first time in his career. He isn't in the starting lineup tonight, but presumably will be tomorrow.


Houston Astros

1. Brandon Barnes (R) CF
2. Jason Castro (L) C
3. Jose Altuve (R) 2B
4. Carlos Pena (L) 1B
5. Chris Carter (R) DH
6. J.D. Martinez (R) LF
7. Trevor Crowe (S) RF
8. Matt Dominguez (R) 3B
9. Ronny Cedeno (R) SS

P - Bud Norris

Seattle Mariners

1. Endy Chavez (L) RF
2. Nick Franklin (S) 2B
3. Kyle Seager (L) 3B
4. Kendrys Morales (S) 1B
5. Raul Ibanez (L) LF
6. Michael Morse (R) DH
7. Michael Saunders (L) CF
8. Kelly Shoppach (R) C
9. Brendan Ryan (R) SS

P - Aaron Harang