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5/5: Open Game Thread

Brad White

I would like to apologize for yesterday's missed recap. There is an expectation that we will publish one for every game but we whiffed in this case. No one was available to write and post with any sort of timeliness and, with another morning game today, it didn't seem worth it for me to watch the game at 2 AM for the sake of the recap.

I'm not happy about it but on to the next.

Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays

Time Location Television
10:07 am PDT Rogers Centre ROOT Sports

Seattle Mariners (15-17) Toronto Blue Jays (10-21)
CF Michael Saunders LF Rajai Davis
3B Kyle Seager DH Melky Cabrera
DH Kendrys Morales RF Jose Bautista
RF Michael Morse 1B Edwin Encarnacion
LF Jason Bay C J.P. Arencibia
1B Justin Smoak 3B Mark DeRosa
2B Dustin Ackley 2B Maicer Izturis
C Jesus Montero CF Emilio Bonifacio
SS Robert Andino SS Mune Kawasaki
SP Joe Saunders SP Brandon Morrow

So, apparently Mark DeRosa didn't retire in 2009.