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5/3: Open Game Thread

Otto Greule Jr

What a gorgeous day. On afternoons like this I like to do go on down to Safeco and catch a game and it's particularly great today because those blessed schedule makers decided to play today's ballgame at 4 and it'll be all sunny and warm and nice all game and oh wait it's in Toronto. Shoot.

Seattle Toronto
8 Michael Saunders 5 Brett Lawrie
5 Kyle Seager 7 Melky Cabrera
DH Kendrys Morales 9 Jose Bautista
9 Michael Morse 3 Edwin Encarnacion
7 Jason Bay 2 J.P. Arencibia
3 Justin Smoak DH Adam LInd
4 Dustin Ackley 8 Colby Rasmus
2 Jesus Montero 4 Maicer Izturis
6 Brendan Ryan 6 Munenori Kawasaki
1 Felix Hernandez 1 Ricky Romero