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Preview: Seattle Mariners (13-17) at Toronto Blue Jays (10-19)


The Blue Jays are an easy team to root for. It's probably the division they play in and the teams they often compete against. Maybe it's their exotic foreign allure and friendly disposition. Those beautiful new uniforms certainly aren't hurting. They have this general manager who seems to know a thing or two. This offseason, I lived vicariously through the many machinations of wundercanadian Alex Anthopoulos, sighing with longing for the time when my own general manager was capable of similar feats, inspiring confidence and anticipation, preying on the weak and ignorant with calculated fury. The Blue Jays saw an opportunity and they did not hesitate. They moved fast, spent money, and entered the season as a popular and not unjustified pick to reach the postseason for the first time as a franchise since 1993. You think you've been miserable as a Mariners fan and then you read "1993" and maybe you feel less terrible for a second.

And now, in 2013, things are not going well for our friends north of the wall. The bold moves have thus far not panned out. The season is already in jeopardy. Jose Reyes is hurt forever. Josh Johnson is bad and on the DL. Mark Buehrle is in the midst of his worst season to date and R.A. Dickey is serving up home runs like your choice of cliched Canadian food joke. Their one-time ace, Ricky Romero, he of the 0.2 fWAR 2012 while in the midst of a five-year deal, was sent down to to Class A before throwing a Major League pitch this season. He's been tasked with making his 2013 debut this evening against the Mariners, because while much has blown up in the face of Blue Jays management, they're not fools.

It's hard not to see this game going one of two ways. Behind door number one, we see Felix Hernandez doing Felix Hernandez things and the Mariners offense taking advantage of a rusted over pitcher. Door number two features the familiar depression of watching Seattle bats flail against mediocrity while The King tries to carry nine fully grown and muscular male athletes on his singular noble back. Felix really shouldn't be doing that sort of thing anymore. Not at his age and contract status.

Game time: 4:07
Location: Rogers Centre
Television: ROOT Sports

Series Beer and Cheese Pairing courtesy of sea-townie