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5/24: Open Game Thread

Mariners Baseball is about to get so intense that you're totally going to flip out.

past future imperfect
past future imperfect
Otto Greule

Close your eyes. Imagine the sea. What's that feeling stirring in your heart? Mariners baseball. Now go back to your wedding. Remember standing in the waiting room, listening to the organist. What was that tension, that tightness in your chest, the knowledge that nothing was ever going to be the same? Mariners baseball.

Mariners baseball is like an above-average performance review. It's like kicking a guy in your office you really hate. It's like reading Stranger in a Strange Land for the first time. It's what makes you feel like a ninja when you're the only one awake in the world at 4:30 AM, when your lawn is mowed and edged and the whole thing looks really good, when your kid makes you a birthday present and it doesn't suck as bad as you thought it would.

Mariners baseball is a Bradbury story and a Van Damme movie all rolled up in one. It is nectar. It is life. Mariners baseball. Mariners baseball. Mariners baseball.

Mariners baseball!


1 Michael Saunders CF Elvis Andrus SS
2 Dustin Ackley 2B Mitch Moreland 1B
3 Kyle Seager 3B Lance Berkman DH
4 Kendrys Morales DH Adrian Beltre 3B
5 Michael Morse RF Nelson Cruz RF
6 Raul Ibanez LF A.J. Pierzynski C
7 Justin Smoak 1B Jeff Baker LF
8 Jesus Sucre C Craig Gentry CF
9 Brendan Ryan SS Jurickson Profar 2B
P Joe Saunders! SP Justin Grimm SP