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Preview: Seattle Mariners (20-26) vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (18-27)

Protruding beard
Protruding beard
Otto Greule Jr

Well, it was enjoyable to make fun of the Angels there for a second, and I guess, considering the standings, it still is. Last night, however, didn't do much to further the cause, and hopefully some time in the very near future, the ill-fated Aaron Harang experiment will be over. It was a good try, kind of, and sort of worth a shot if you're able to wipe your mind clean of all the confounding roster movement that it was preceded by. You may or may not have that particular skill and if you do could you please teach it to me? But we can be done now.

Aaron Harang, it should be noted, is not starting the game this evening for the Mariners. That distinction belongs to Brandon Maurer. Maurer continues to do just enough to remain interesting and worthy of consideration. While his peripheral numbers (.314 BABIP, 5.47 FIP, 4.72 xFIP) don't trigger a whole lot of inspiration, they aren't nearly the final word on a young pitcher learning and evolving over the course of a young season. And Maurer has shown a willingness to adjust, recently making a play to get more left-handed batters swinging and missing by throwing his curveball more often. Pray for that curveball, all of you. Swaddle it in an organically woven, hypoallergenic blanket and softy hum a peaceful lullaby. Nurture and care for that curveball so that it may one day grow to be big and strong with lots of movement. Make it drink a glass of 2% milk with dinner.

Pitching: Brandon Maurer vs. C.J. Wilson
Time: 4:05
Location: Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Television: ROOT Sports