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5/21: Open Game Thread

Aaron Harang Vs. Jerome Williams


Professional maple-flavored lickable candy Michael Saunders' last 10 games: .439 OPS, 14/2 K/BB. I tell my kids if you make a mess you clean it up. Whichever of you broke our Michael Saunders toy please come clean up the mess right now.



Saunders - CF
Ackley - 2B
Seager - 3B
Morales - DH
Morse - RF
Ibanez (entrenched) - LF
Smoak - 1B
Shoppach - C
Andino (?) - SS

Harang - P

New York Los Angeles
Aybar - SS
Trout - CF
Pujols - DH
Trumbo - 1B
Hamilton - RF
Kendrick - 2B
Callaspo - 3B
Iannetta - C
Schuck - LF

Williams - P