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5/16: Open Game Thread

Aaron HarangHector Noesi Vs. Andy Pettite


In honor of Seattle Beer Week let's play a drinking game.

Drink every time:
Hector Noesi allows a baserunner off an 0-2 count.
Dustin Ackley watches strike three sail by a few inches off the outside corner.
Raul Ibanez inexplicably gets a XBH.
Justin Smoak walksKendrys Morales GIDP.
Brendan Ryan pops out to the infield.
Kyle Seager hits a line drive.
Michael Morse strikes out.
Michael Saunders reaches base.
Jesus Montero allows a stolen base.
Feel free to add more.



Saunders - CF
Bay - LF
Seager - 3B
Morales - 1B
Morse - RF
Ibanez - DH
Montero - C
Ackley - 2B
Ryan - SS

Noesi - P

New York

Gardner - CF
Nix - SS
Cano - 2B
Wells - LF
Overbay - 1B
Granderson - DH
Adams - 3B
Ichiro - RF
Stewart - C

Pettite - P