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5/15: Chart

Win Expectancy Chart, courtesy of Fangraphs, for the Mariners at Yankees game on May 15, 2013.

so cool
so cool


Iwakuma .062 Hughes -.441
Perez .000 Claiborne .028
Wilhelmsen .000 Marshall -.025
Gonzalez .000

Saunders .010 Gardner -.014
Ackley .018 Cano -.021
Seager .064 Wells .013
Morales .058 Granderson -.005
Morse .123 Overbay .006
Smoak .009 Adams -.025
Ibanez .170 Suzuki -.021
Montero .002 Stewart .006
Ryan -.015 Gonzalez -.001
Chavez .000 Francisco .000
Andino .000 Nix .000
Romine .000

Oh, look. The WPA Chart has an insane amount of headroom over the top and the GIF is playing at double speed. Turns out I still suck at making GIFs, guys!

Also turns out I made a really terrible decision, watching yesterday's game and missing this one. This looks like it was a blast. Dustin Ackley had three walks and a line drive base hit to center field! Michael Morse had two hits, a walk, and no strikeouts! Kyle Seager had two hits, one of which was a dinger, and a walk! What an awesome day! Almost makes up for yesterday.

Oh, and by the way, the Mariners are in second place. On May 15th. Who do you think is more surprised: Jack Zduriencik, or Arte Moreno? Probably Arte Moreno because haha Angels


1) Today marked the major league debut of David Adams, the prospect whose ankle famously nixed the Cliff Lee deal that would've netted the Mariners Jesus Montero. If you could go back in time and do it again, knowing what we know now... would you trade Lee for Montero and injured Adams, or for Smoak, Beavan and Lueke? Keep in mind that Lueke turned into Jaso and eventually Morse, but if the Mariners had gotten Montero in the first place they'd still have Pineda.

2) Today a position player pitched for the Yankees. If the Mariners ever get into a horrible blowout this season, which position player would you like to see take the mound?

3) Is your overall emotional reaction to the last two games positive or negative? Why?