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Preview: Seattle Mariners (18-20) vs. New York Yankees (24-14)



There are a lot of really good pitchers in Major League Baseball right now, making a great deal of very exciting pitching matchups theoretically possible. Felix Hernandez vs. CC Sabathia is one such match-up, and it's the one we have to look forward to on this very day. A greedy person could most definitely dream up a more enticing showdown, and I would encourage that person to be more present and accepting of what's in front of them. Be thankful for what you have rather than dwelling on what you don't. Stop being afraid of happiness.

Much will be made of Felix making a start in the Bronx. He's made seven of them so far in his career and they have resulted in some strong numbers. All told, he's 5-2 with a 2.06 ERA when visiting against the Yankees, having pitched 52.1 innings, generating 48 strikeouts to 21 walks. It's a popular idea that Felix reaches deep to find something extra when he takes on the Evil Empire, and while it's probably more likely that Felix is just really good all of the time and so is also really good on all of the times when he's in New York, I can understand the urge for romanticism. Yankees fans have long wanted Felix on their team, and loudly. For a while it seemed like a haunting possibility and Felix dominated their team. Now, it's an unfrightening and microscopic possibility and Felix continues to dominate their team. Felix is the best.

CC Sabathia is really good, too. Other than Roy Halladay, who is heartbreaking, and Andy Pettitte, who is old, Sabathia's the active pitcher whose Hall of Fame trajectory seems the most promising. He's a workhorse who pitches deep into games and strikes out a lot of batters while earning many capital double-you Wins. A wonderful combination for a pitcher looking to swell the sentimental hearts of the BBWAA. This comparison courtesy of FanGraphs is not presented to take anything at all away from Sabathia's excellent credentials. It's just here for you to stare at, for as long as you like.