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5/12: Open Game Thread

catcher/DHs can be so depressing
catcher/DHs can be so depressing
Jason Miller

Tommy Milone was supposed to be Joe Saunders. He is something more than Joe Saunders, at least for now; the same could once be said of Joe Saunders.

In his daily notes, professional baseball writer Carson Cistulli provides a NERD score for each ballgame. The NERD score seeks to measure the watchability of each game, based on how exciting each starting pitcher and team are. Joe Saunders received a NERD score of zero. Scores below zero, it should be noted, are rounded up to zero.

The lineups!

1. Adam Rosales (R) SS 1. Michael Saunders (L) CF
2. Jed Lowrie (S) 2B 2. Jason Bay (R) LF
3. Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF 3. Kyle Seager (L) 3B
4. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B 4. Kendrys Morales (S) DH
5. Luke Montz (R) DH 5. Michael Morse (R) RF
6. Derek Norris (R) C 6. Justin Smoak (S) 1B
7. Nate Freiman (R) 1B 7. Jesus Montero (R) C
8. Brandon Moss (L) RF 8. Robert Andino (R) 2B
9. Michael Taylor (R) LF 9. Brendan Ryan (R) SS
P. Tommy Milone (L) SP P. Joe Saunders (L) SP

The Oakland Athletics have a catcher batting fourth, a different catcher batting fifth, and a different catcher actually catching and batting sixth. Seeing this makes one feel a little better about the fact that the Mariners have first basemen hitting fourth through sixth.