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The Sweet Swing of Kyle Seager

Kyle Seager hasn't let the rest of the team bring him down.

A Sea Boss.
A Sea Boss.

Lament, dissent, burn trees*. Use superlatives, use expletives, salt the earth, rub salt in wounds. Many things can be said about the Mariners 2013 campaign, most of those things are negative. I shouldn't pile on, everyone is understandably angry and frustrated.

Times are tough for Mariner fans right now. I know I'm feeling it. Raul.gifs no longer make me laugh, they just make me angry. Very little has gone right for this team at the start of the year. I could list them, but I wont, for all our sakes. They've been terrible, and that's about all there is to it.

That said, while the rest of the team has been mired in offensive incompetence, Kyle Seager has quietly put together a 13 game hitting streak. Things have been bad for the Mariners; things have been bad for Mariner fans. Amidst all these negative emotions, I want to take a moment to celebrate the sweet swing of Kyle Seager.


Yes, McDonald's SUPER-MO, I am "lovin' it."

*Only burn trees if you plan to roast marshmellows over their ashy remains.