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4/24: Chart

Win Expectancy chart, courtesy of Fangraphs, for the Mariners at Astros game on April 24, 2013.

so this is how it felt
so this is how it felt
Scott Halleran


Saunders -.253 Harrell .240
Beavan -.006 Cruz .001
Clemens .000

Chavez -.030 Grossman .029
Seager .053 Altuve -.013
Morales -.095 Laird -.021
Morse -.043 Pena -.056
Smoak .006 Carter .130
Ibanez -.049 Corporan .019
Shoppach -.045 Cedeno .227
Ackley .046 Dominguez -.036
Andino -.084 Barnes -.020

Winner: Kyle Seager, .053

Sinner: Joe Saunders, -.253

Ugh. Uuuuuuuugh. The Mariners are better than the Astros, but they didn't look it today, getting shellacked due to rather unsavory performances by Jason Vargas Joe Saunders and Blake Beavan. Beavan had five strikeouts, which is kind of interesting, but then again Astros. At least Ackley, Seager and Smoak were good.

I'll be the first one in with the call: this season is over from a competitive standpoint. Not because the Mariners are losing to the Astros, of course. (That would be really reactionary.) No, the season is over because for the second time in less than a week the Mariners have made a change that they know will make them worse on the field for reasons unrelated to on-field performance. Ryan is clearly better than Andino. Thames is clearly better than Peguero. Just one of them, OK, maybe the FO is being stupid again. But both? Either they've thrown in the towel or they're so thick that there's no chance of competing anyways. Either way...

Discussion questions!

1) With Ryan benched and Andino terrible, the Mariners are obviously queuing up a minor-leaguer to replace one. Who comes up first: Miller, Franklin, or Triunfel? What's the reasoning?

2) Will Blake Beavan improve his strikeout rate in the bullpen, or is his stuff too mediocre for it to matter?

3) Who will replace Eric Wedge as the Mariners' next manager?