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Podcast Episode 2 with Scott Weber and guest Riley Breckenridge

Brad White

On this edition of the LL 2.0 podcast I'm joined by musician and and writer Riley Breckenridge. Riley writes for the Productive Outs blog and Alternative Press magazine among other places, and is the drummer of the band Thrice. Join us as we discuss the upcoming Mariners/Angels series, Riley's battle with a McRib sandwich, music, what Brett Lawrie's favorite band is, video games, Jose Canseco and Manny Ramirez in Taiwan.

We're working on getting the podcast up on iTunes. Until then, listen here or download the MP3 directly.

Lookout Landing 2.0 Podcast, Episode 2 w/ Scott Weber and Riley Breckenridge

Direct Link

Intro music by Iron Chic - you can download their latest 7'' here.