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4/23: Chart

Win Expectancy chart, courtesy of Fangraphs, for the Mariners at Astros game on April 23, 2013.

michael morse: large human
michael morse: large human
Scott Halleran


Iwakuma -.146 Norris .116
Noesi .004 Blackley .011
Medina .018 Ambriz .149
Furbush .025 Veras .153
Perez .028

Chavez .018 Altuve -.037
Seager .046 Martinez .034
Morales .096 Castro -.019
Morse -.078 Carter .019
Smoak -.030 Pena -.022
Ibanez -.182 Maxwell .072
Montero -.139 Ankiel -.101
Ackley -.051 Dominguez .056
Ryan -.041 Gonzalez .098
Andino -.066 Barnes -.006
Laird -.024

Boss: Kendrys Morales, .096

Loss: Raul Ibanez, -.182

Ugh. Pretty frustrating to see the Mariners completely outplay the Astros and still get handed a loss due to some terrible sequencing. Well, terrible sequencing and Raul Ibanez. If he doesn't get something going soon I can't imagine he'll be sticking around much longer. Still, on the bright side, Hisashi Iwakuma continued to be ridiculously awesome with an 11 K 2 BB performance.

Discussion questions!

1) Dustin Ackley has been (to my eyes) hitting the ball a lot harder since ditching his newfangled swing. Do you think he'll have a good triple slash by season's end? Why or why not?

2) Kendrys Morales' Pitch F/X O-Swing% is down 7 percentage points from his career average. This has led to him posting a walk rate over 10% for the first time in his life. What do you think his future with the Mariners will be? What would you like it to be?

3) Predict what the Mariners' 25-man roster will be on July 1, 2013.