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4/20: Open Game Thread

Brandon Maurer makes his fourth career start.
Brandon Maurer makes his fourth career start.

The only surprise about Ron Washington putting five lefties in the lineup today is that he didn't use six. Hopefully Brandon Maurer works a bit more with his changeup than he did last week. Also, don't read too much into Jesus Montero starting at catcher. He was going to play one of the next two days anyways, so the fact that it's today doesn't mean too much. Kelly Shoppach is still the starter.

Seattle Texas
8 Franklin Gutierrez 4 Ian Kinsler
5 Kyle Seager 6 Elvis Andrus
DH Kendrys Morales DH Lance Berkman
9 MIchael Morse 5 Adrian Beltre
3 Justin Smoak 2 A.J. Pierzynski
7 Raul Ibanez 9 Nelson Cruz
2 Jesus Montero 7 David Murphy
4 Dustin Ackley 3 Mitch Moreland
6 Brendan Ryan 8 Leonys Martin
1 Brandon Maurer 1 Nick Tepesch