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MLB Scores: Astros bats run away with another one against Mariners, 8-3

4-6: Beavan, Capps throw BP to Astros

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Otto Greule Jr

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What kind of fan pays money to watch Blake Beavan square off against the Houston Astros on a Wednesday night?

These kinds of fans:


A record low crowd attended this one, but they made up for it by entertaining the sorry souls watching on TV.

Someone please high five me


Beer: $10.00. Beer catch: beerless

The catch was impressive but his sidekick makes this. Here's another angle:


I've been battling Internet connectivity issues all evening (again... sorry) so let's skip the narrative, cut to the chase and get the hell out of this series.

  • Box Score
  • Blake Beavan threw a lot of bad strikes and was punished accordingly: five runs came across during his 5.2 innings. He can succeed -- we've seen him succeed -- but he has to hit his spots. Simple as that.
  • The big news out of this one was Michael Saunders' exit following the first play of the game. He made a stellar catch as he crashed into the right field wall, then crumpled to the ground and stayed there for quite some time. Video here. Saunders did not slow down or brace himself before hitting the wall. Given that it appeared to be a straight impact, initial speculation was that he might have broken his collarbone. Fortunately, it was announced a few innings later that he had only suffered a sprain.
    Saunders has been the Mariners' most dependable player this month and was showing signs of making another plateau leap. Hopefully this doesn't set him back.

    We can expect to see a lot of Jason Bay in Saunders's absence, and maybe some Endy Chavez if he hits the disabled list.
  • Franklin Gutierrez hit a home run to right field, his second opposite field home run of the year. Coming into this season he only had four home runs to right field in his career, the most recent ones coming in 2010.
  • Gutierrez's success in this one didn't extend to the defensive side. Expectations are set absurdly high -- he's nicknamed Death to Flying Things after all -- but there were three or four balls hit to the outfield on which I expected him to swoop in from out of frame like he always does, but instead he was a step behind.
  • Backup catcher Kelly Shoppach carried the offense in this one with a home run, a double (that was a couple inches from being a New-Safeco home run) and a walk. Shoppach and Mike Zunino sure aren't doing anything for Jesus Montero's comfort level right now.
  • Carter Capps reminded why he's not getting the high leverage innings just yet. After opening eyes in his first few appearances this season, Capps did this:


    For the most part he was either no where close or serving his pitches up on a tee-- a tee that throws 97 from third base, but a tee nonetheless. Following a Jason Castro double, Chris Carter obliterated a hanging slurve (video). An inning later, Marwin Gonzalez did the same to a center-cut fastball (video).
  • Bobby LaFromboise made his Major League debut, striking out Carter and Carlos Pena before closing out his inning with a groundout. Video here.
  • Happy Felix Day.