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Preview: Seattle Mariners (4-5) vs. Houston Astros (2-6)

The Mariners and Astros know you like baseball, but they wonder if maybe you'll reconsider.

Oh, cool.
Oh, cool.
Al Messerschmidt

The Mariners and Astros know that the baseball season is less than two weeks old. They know that the excitement is still fresh, your enthusiasm strong. They know you waited a long time for your favorite sport to return and that you plan on spending a great deal of time watching, reading about, listening to, and discussing the game all throughout the entire summer. They know of your patience and your passion, and they respect both a great deal. They'd also like the opportunity to change your mind.

The two teams conspired last night to break your will earlier than it has ever been broken. They may not have succeeded, but they will remain vigilant and their efforts continue in full tonight as Blake Beavan faces off against Brad Peacock. A potential joke here would be something about how you've never heard of Brad Peacock but I'm aware of my audience and so I'll refrain. While Peacock is something of a prospect, having been included in the trades that sent Gio Gonzalez to Washington and then Jed Lowrie to Oakland, his ceiling is that of a #4, perhaps #3 starter. They said the same thing about Hector Noesi. They say a lot of things.

Blake Beavan is right-handed.

Seattle Mariners vs. Houston Astros! This shit got way more depressing way faster than I ever thought possible.

Time: 7:10 pm PDT
Location: Safeco Field, Seattle, WA
Television: ROOT Sports