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3/8: Spring Training Open Game Thread

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a beard
a beard

The expectation among many was that this afternoon's game in Peoria was going to get rained out. That's still a possibility, but for the time being, the game is on, and the only thing we know for certain it's going to rain is Seattle Mariners dingers. The dingers might cause it to rain actual water, since cartoons taught me you can seed the clouds with almost anything explosive, but even if that were to lead to a rainout, I can think of nothing more badass on a team level than causing your game to be cancelled because you made it rain water by making it rain dingers. I guess the Mariners could like overthrow the North Korean government but come on be reasonable about this.


  • 12:05pm Pacific
  • Gameday link
  • broadcast on the radio and audio streamed online

The Mariners' starting lineup:

Dustin Ackley, 2B
Franklin Gutierrez, CF
Raul Ibanez, "LF"
Justin Smoak, 1B
Casper Wells, RF
Jesus Montero, C
Mike Zunino, DH
Stefen Romero, 3B
Brendan Ryan, SS

Yesterday's heroes are back in the lineup in the persons of Romero and Wells, but more importantly, leading off for the A's will be Eric Sogard, who's in a constant state of instructing people to deal with it (glasses joke). Sogard will lead off against Hector Noesi, wearing glasses, and I wonder if Sogard would still be able to hit against Hector Noesi without glasses. For scientific purposes that would make for an interesting test: "could Noesi still get hit around the ballpark if the other team attempted to play with reduced vision?" I hope every time Sogard takes off his glasses to clean them or rub his eyes, he takes them off slowly and says "my God" as if he's just been told something that changes his entire perception of the world. It would be funny at first, then it would stop being funny, then it would be funny again and it would become an identifying characteristic. New teammates would be like, "what is he doing" and veterans would be like "oh that's just Eric Sogard" and new teammates would be like "what's Eric Sogard"

As noted, it's Noesi on the mound, opposite A.J. Griffin. John Jaso is in the Oakland lineup and batting third, so for those of you who have had dreams about what it might be like to see Jaso face off against Noesi, here you go, and you have the worst and least interesting dreams. After Noesi, we could see Chance Ruffin and Jhonny Nunez and Jonathan Arias and Danny Farquhar and my goodness I'm starting to get an idea of how the Mariners perceive Hector Noesi. I genuinely wonder what it would take in order for Noesi to get a start with the Mariners in the majors this regular season. I genuinely wonder if anybody asked about him in trade talks over the winter. Now I am done wondering those things, having expressed them in text. This is my wonderment release.

I'm late to post this. Better post this! Club some more dingers!