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MLB Scores: Mariners complete game to reach more interesting games

Blogger plays in the sun, mails in recap.


I intently watched about five innings of this game, listened for a few minutes on the radio, then had a couple more innings playing in the background before I finally gave up. I had originally intended to pay close attention to this one and give the recap a real effort. I've been spending most of my first couple weeks at Lookout Landing working in the background, so this recap was going to be my Spring Training, my final tune up.

But then today became my first opportunity for a sun burn and I took it. I'll play myself into shape.

The most important thing we needed to see in this game was the final out. This exhibition between the Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies was the last thing standing between us and the regular season and now it's in the books.

Cue real baseball.

I saw Kendrys Morales and Justin Smoak hit baseballs hard over the fence. I saw Brandon Maurer pitch pretty well aside from a grooved fastball to Troy Tulowitzki. I saw enough to know I'm ready for relatively-meaningful April baseball.

The thing that seemed to catch my attention the most was the players' reactions to the 3,000 foot elevation game from Peoria to Salt Lake City. Any time we got to see a player run we also got to see a player flirt with unconsciousness. The Mariners will be happy to get back to sea level.

Boxscore - SportsPressNW recap

The Mariners will do it for real on Monday, as will I.