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Your Lookout Landing Lineup

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Now that things have settled down a little bit, and since the season is nearly upon us, it's a good time to formally introduce our new stable of writers.


Jon Shields

I spent five-plus years writing at Bleeding Blue and Teal/Pro Ball NW, occasionally popping up throughout the Mariners blogosphere and If I had to try and characterize my writing style, I'd have to say that it's a professional take on the fan experience, and that my strength is simply being well-rounded. I'm not a numbers whiz, a prospect guru, a natural storyteller or a creative genius, but I know enough to fake it in most areas.

Now that I've admitted it, it feels like less of a strength.

Alex Rodriguez was my favorite Mariner growing up in the mid-late '90s, but I've since adopted Dan Wilson as my all-time favorite. As far as obscure Mariners go, Mark Whiten and Rob Ducey were my go-tos until Jack Hannahan permanently stole my heart. *Swoon*

I look forward to overseeing the talented team of contributors you see here and leading this site into an exciting new era. We're gonna have a good time.

Michael Barr

I'm a father of three small human beings who I frequently believe to be too cute to have my genetic makeup. I'm an old house buff and an avid home brewer -- and this is my invitation to you all to come for a tasting. In my spare time, I write about baseball and other things. I've been writing in a variety of formats since about 2005, but it wasn't until 2010 that I started writing about baseball at I've also contributed to Baseball Digest, Fake Teams, Roto Hardball and other publications you've never heard of.

I was born in Massachusetts but I've spent the majority of my life in the Pacific Northwest. I was there for "The Double" and hugged a Yankee fan who surprisingly didn't punch me. I have autographs from Bruce Bochte and Richie Zisk. And Wayne Cody. So there.

Nathan Bishop

I previously wrote at Pro Ball NW with Jon and Brendan, where I started a series on worst games in Mariners' history. It was judged to be, much like the 50 States project by Sufjan Stevens, too great a task to see to completion. My love for baseball stretches beyond the reaches of my memory.

I've watched, played and followed it obsessively for my entire life. That passion has coincided with a love for reading and a desire to be more than a consumer of information and thus I started dabbling in writing. I thought for sure my favorite baseball moment was "The Double". Then I coached my son's first T-Ball game. You can follow me on Twitter at @NathanHBishop.

Stephen Cheatum

This is my first opportunity to write about baseball. It's really my first opportunity to publicly write about anything. I came to Lookout Landing because of my affinity for creating Mariner related .GIFs. I realized their awesome potential when Tom Wilhelmsen folded Alexei Ramirez in half. I work in film production and live in Los Angeles. For the record, living closer to the Angels does not make them more tolerable.

I appreciate the opportunity I've been given to write about the Mariners. When I'm not watching baseball or working, I'll be out taking photographs or playing video games. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: I promise not to clutter your feed <a href="">@stcheatum</a>.

Kyle Davis

My name is Kyle Davis. I graduated from the University of Washington, where I studied English and Creative Writing, and I currently live in Seattle. I started writing about baseball about a year and a half ago during the 2011 NLCS, after Octavio Dotel threw a baseball towards first base in a really terrible and hilarious manner.

I have nothing but the fondest of memories for 1995, but my favorite baseball moment has to be Felix's perfect game. My wife was at the game for a work event, and I secretly watched from the computer in my office. After noting that Felix looked particularly sharp and unhittable, I sneaked out of work somewhere around the fifth inning, and sped towards Safeco on nothing but a whim, and hope. I parked, ran, and made it into the stadium in time to catch the final two innings, the final three outs with my wife. It was good. You can find me on Twitter <a href="">@AgainstKyle</a>, where I talk about baseball, beer, television, and cats.

Logan Davis

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, where access to professional baseball games is rather limited. My parents both love baseball, but because they raised me here I didn't get to see a single Major League game until I was seven. That first ballgame was in San Francisco, and I was a huge Giants fan for about a week--until our camping trip took a turn up to Washington and I discovered the Mariners. After the disappointing 2004 season I forgot about my M's... until I discovered Lookout Landing in mid-2011! Though I've previously had an article printed in a scientific journal, LL is the first website to ever publish content of which I am the sole author. I'm excited to be writing for such a big audience and look forward to following the Mariners with you all!

Patrick Dubuque

My writing career began in early 2011 when, trying to distract myself from a grad school paper, I wrote a FanPost at Lookout Landing. I escaped graduate school but not baseball; since then I've written esoteric prose and verse for the esteemed website Pitchers & Poets and the occasionally-esteemed website NotGraphs, where I continue to haunt.

I grew up in the shadowy Kingdome of the eighties, where I loved Spike Owen for being short and Jim Presley for reasons that escape me at the moment. Unlike most people, I didn't have a sabermetric epiphany; my favorite player since age six has been Rickey Henderson, and I knew the value of walks because I was the shortest and weakest kid on my Little League team. I am now, it pleases me to report, nearly average height. I make comedy jokes on Twitter at <a href="">@euqubud</a>.

Brendan Gawlowski

As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have been a Mariners fan from the time I first saw baseball on TV. After a childhood of idolizing the likes of Rob Ducey, Andy Sheets, Raul Ibanez (before he became good,) and especially Charles Gipson, it was perhaps no surprise that my baseball career petered out after high school. I started blogging about the M's in 2010 at a personal blog, and have subsequently written for Pro Ball NW and Prospect Insider. I'm a history major finishing up school at the University of Washington.

Rick Randall

I'm a former high school (WESCO) and college (NWAACC) baseball player and team co-captain who developed a very intense passion for the game that has led me to stay involved in many capacities since my playing days ended. I have written about youth and professional baseball for a local newspaper (the North County Outlook) as well as on many blogs over the past four years and also am involved with private baseball instruction and as a coach and member of my local Little League board.

I am currently the lead publisher and site editor for <a href=""></a> on the Sports NEXT network where I cover the Seattle Mariners minor leagues in-depth. You can follow me on Twitter at <a href="">@randallball</a>.

Scott Weber

I'm a Seattle native who graduated from the University of Washington in 2006. I've worked at <a href=""></a> as an album reviewer since 2004, and have also worked with Jon at Pro Ball NW. I have rooted for the Mariners since before I have memories, but truly fell in love with the team in the early 90s. I didn't have cable growing up, so Niehaus painted the picture for me, huddled with my family around the radio to hope Griffey could hit a homer in nine straight games.

In 2007, I read Baseball Between the Numbers, which changed everything I thought I knew about baseball. My desire to understand and analyze every aspect about the game has never subsided since. I'm honored to be a part of a site that shaped so much of what I currently know and love about this game. You can follow me on Twitter at <a href="">@scottyweebs</a>.