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Jesus Montero exits early after taking backswing to the head

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Jesus Montero carted off the field after head injury.

golf ball
golf ball

In the top of the second inning against the Cleveland Indians on Saturday afternoon, Francisco Lindor's backswing caught Seattle Mariners catcher Jesus Montero in the right side of his head, leaving Montero dazed on the ground for a few minutes before he was helped up and carted off the field. Montero sported a massive lump on his head, seen in the screen grab above.

Thankfully, word came through that Montero did not suffer a concussion.

Concussions can derail careers, a high profile recent example being the struggles of one-time MVP contender Justin Morneau. Montero suffered a concussion last season, upping the chances of serious complications or, at very least, a lot of team caution had he been concussed.

For now, we can probably breathe easy.

[Edit: Logan posted a GIF of the incident in the recap.]