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3/18: Spring Training Open Game Thread


After vanquishing those dastardly Texas Rangers -- or at least people who were pretending to be the Texas Rangers but weren't actually any good at baseball -- the Seattle Mariners get to play against Oakland. Because this matchup is never dull.

Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics

Time: 1:05 p.m. PDT.
Location: Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Phoenix, AZ.


Michael Saunders RF
Casper Wells CF
Raul Ibanez DH
Michael Morse LF
Justin Smoak 1B
Jesus Montero C
Dustin Ackley 2B
Robert Andino SS
Brad Miller 3B
Hisashi Iwakuma P

As in all spring training games, the Mariners have released their list of probable pitchers. Unlike most games, however, I'm pretty sure that they're lying. Bawcom, Smith, Mieses, Burgoon? Those aren't real people.