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3/10: Spring Training Open Game Thread

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Yesterday the Mariners played a baseball game and today the Mariners will play a baseball game and tomorrow the Mariners will not play a baseball game and Tuesday the Mariners will play a baseball game and most days from now through the end of September the Mariners will play a baseball game and we'll pay attention to a lot of them and the Mariners will win a lot of them and the Mariners will lose a lot of them and when it's all over there will probably still be more baseball games, competed in by other baseball teams. Sometimes it's healthy to take the big-picture perspective, and sometimes taking the big-picture perspective reveals the picture to be remarkably uninspiring. A rubber band is a hell of a lot more interesting on a molecular level than on the overall, familiar level.


  • 1:05pm Pacific
  • Gameday link
  • broadcast on the radio and audio streamed online

The Mariners' starting lineup:

Kyle Seager, 2B
Jason Bay, LF
Raul Ibanez, DH
Michael Morse, 1B
Carlos Peguero, RF
Kelly Shoppach, C
Julio Morban, CF
Robert Andino, 3B
Brad Miller, SS

Now, today, it's the full-strength Mariners taking on the split-squad White Sox, but from the looks of things the Mariners are doing the White Sox a favor by also fielding something of a split-squad lineup. Seager and Andino swap defensive positions because they're supposed to be somewhat versatile, and you can't just be versatile in theory. Morse goes to first base because you know who isn't a guarantee to be worth half a damn? Justin Smoak! And the Mariners think of Kendrys Morales as a DH and Raul Ibanez isn't a first baseman. So it behooves the M's to give Morse some first-base reps because you never know when that might become the necessary alignment.

Starting for the Mariners on the mound will be Andrew Carraway, who Seattle drafted in the 12th round in 2009. Three players from that Mariners draft so far have reached the major leagues: Dustin Ackley, Kyle Seager, and Anthony Vasquez. So for the rest of his life, Andrew Carraway gets to remember he didn't make it to the majors as quickly as Anthony Vasquez did. Carraway's strength is that he's familiar with the act of pitching, which he hopes to leverage to his advantage today and all days.

After Carraway will be Taijuan Walker, in a PITCHf/x-equipped ballpark, and we're still at the point where it's interesting to monitor Walker's PITCHf/x readings. Walker's last outing was bad, and what we'd like is for Walker's outings to be good. Hopefully today Walker has a good outing. To be honest hopefully today all the Mariners pitchers have good outings. The last names of the first three scheduled White Sox pitchers today are Axelrod, Omogrosso, and Snodgress. So those are players.

Mariners news of actual significance: Josh Kinney has developed a stress reaction in his side, and he'll be shut down for some while. A stress reaction, if left to its own devices, will turn into a stress fracture, which is worse. It's not a sure thing that Kinney will be unavailable for opening day, but it's the likelihood, and since Kinney was basically guaranteed to have a bullpen job, this should open up a job for someone else, if only briefly. I've been operating under the guesstimated assumption that Kameron Loe will get a job and Stephen Pryor will go to the minors. Pryor, now, could stick, or someone else could stick, like Carson Smith. But there are a lot of ways the Mariners could go with this, so the main message is that the door's open for another roster contender now. Kinney shouldn't be out long, but he could be out long enough for someone to have a hope of making a positive impression.