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Jon Garland, Mariners Agree To Terms

What once was rumored now is a little less rumored and a little more certain. The Mariners are on the verge of adding to their starting-rotation depth:

Joe Saunders will also have his physical next week, so that deal isn't official, but there's no reason to believe Saunders might run into any problems. Garland's a different case, as he's coming off rehab following shoulder surgery, and a year ago he skipped a physical with the Indians because he felt like he couldn't pitch. So, a year ago, the Indians thought they had Jon Garland, until they didn't. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves although Garland's probably in better shape now than he was.

Before today, did you believe that Joe Saunders and Jon Garland were different people? Less than 100% of you will say yes, if you're being honest. I don't know why you'd lie. It's not like I'm making you answer publicly. You'd just be lying to yourself out of your own embarrassment. That's pathetic. You're pathetic.