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Mariners, Padres to Participate in Charitably Baseball Game

Nominally baseball!

There it is!  there is a baseball!
There it is! there is a baseball!
Bob Levey

This is the first spring training game of the season, which means that there is some novelty involved in the return of baseball. It means change, and the approach of summer! It also means that there's still time for us to discover who will be this year's Sean Kazmar or Gabe Gross before we become unbearably sick of seeing their names in the lineup. Treasure this moment.

These Mariners will be sending out a squadron that looks something like this.

CF Saunders
3B Seager
DH Morales
RF Morse
LF Ibañez
C Montero
1B Mike Jacobs
SS Robert Andino
2B Carlos Triunfel

"P" Noesi

As I began typing this up, Raul Ibañez had a ball go off his glove. I feel like I'm already set for the season.

The Padres meanwhile will be sending out a lineup full of Padres. Did you know the Rene Rivera is catching for them? Of course Rene Rivera is catching for them.

We'll be seeing a different pitcher every inning so there won't be much of Noesi. That's an incentive to continue listening if baseball is still a thing that excites you. Rizzs has mentioned Andrew Carraway, D.J. Mitchell, Chance Ruffin, and Oliver Perez. I don't know where the excitement went. Some Padre just hit a grand slam.