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A Full List of Seattle Mariners Active Players with No Minor League Options Left

Today is overly descriptive headline that basically tell you what the entire post is about day! Yay! Truth be told, I just didn't want to spend time coming up with a way to make this entertaining or worth hundreds of words. It's not worth hundreds of words.

Here's the list of players — helpfully compiled by Tim Dierkes — currently on the Mariners that they cannot send to the minors without passing them through waivers first.

  • Robert Andino
  • Josh Kinney
  • Casper Wells

Andino is almost certainly making the team since there are no other back up infielders. Kinney is almost certainly making the team because he is very hard on opposing right-handed hitters and the Mariners didn't like Shawn Kelley.

Casper Wells should be a certainty to make the team, and even to start says I, but he's less certain because of the presence of Michael Morse, Raul Ibanez and Jason Bay. Probably Wells stays and Bay goes away since the Mariners might be dim but they aren't so dim as to rely on their current crop of "outfielders" sans Wells to man all three positions.