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Mariners rumors: M's now in on Bartolo Colon, Mike Napoli, Shin-Soo Choo, more trades coming

using this picture because you know why
using this picture because you know why
Jim McIsaac

The chips are going to start falling now, and things could get wild. As soon as Cano signed, a set of rumors fell down that connected the Mariners to several interesting players, one of who I've lobbied for time after time.

But first, Ryan Divish passes along that several trades that have been discussed hinged on the M's landing Cano. Now that Cano is in place, things could start getting crazy, including the David Price/Taijuan Walker deal that many of us fear.

This could mean a ton of things, and there's surely a whole bundle of trades that nobody knows about quite yet. Matt Kemp has been tossed around quite a bit, but don't rule out Andre Ethier, Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Braun, or even Giancarlo Stanton. The Mariners seem like they're going balls to the wall, and with their second base surplus and Dustin Ackley's experience in the outfield, the Mariners can put together a seriously impressive package to land a huge bat. Yes, discussing Stanton has been off-limits and the Marlins claim they aren't trading him (and the Brewers with Braun/Rockies with Gonzalez), but the Mariners just blew the gate wide open, and have assets to burn. Anything is possible, including deals for players that have been previously indicated were untouchable. As of now, there's nothing connecting the Mariners to any of those names, but just don't be surprised to hear them mentioned in the next few days. Don't expect a deal for any of the untouchable three, but I would no longer rule it out.

Aside from fantasies about corner outfielders, the real excitement comes from Bob Dutton, who passes along that Enrique Rojas, the ESPN Deportes reporter who's broken most of the Cano news, has indicated that the Mariners are now looking at pursing Bartolo Colon, who has been forced out of the equation in Oakland.

Colon would be huge. He would also be an excellent acquisition for the Mariners! /ducks

I advocated for his services well before the Mariners were serious players for Cano, and my takeaway was that all of his red flags were reflected in his relatively lower cost, and I'd be much happier paying for his potential production with risks than paying huge bucks for a pitcher like Ervin Santana or Matt Garza, about to enter into an unknown decline phase. With Cano on board, this is exactly the kind of deal the Mariners should be looking to make - short deals at a high salary for players who can produce instantly. We know what Colon can do well after his suspension, and it's great. He hasn't lost velocity, he's been relatively durable, and doesn't represent a potential albatross. If he gets suspended again? The Mariners aren't on the hook for that money.

Do it. A thousand times, do it. It's even more perfect now than it was a few weeks ago.

Jason Churchill then passed along that Shin-Soo Choo is still very much on the Mariners radar, and though I have a hard time fathoming how they're going to outbid everyone to get him, clearly money isn't the issue that this point.

The M's have perfect storm of money coming off the books with their influx of young talent has them going a little wild, so why not? A deal for Choo also carries plenty of risk and there's a good chance he ends his contract as a platoon bat, but he's an instant 4-5 win upgrade, and when packaged with another #2 caliber pitcher, would jet the Mariners into instant contenders.

Finally, (and I say this now, because surely they'll be connected to somebody else as soon as I hit publish), the Mariners are heating back up on Mike Napoli.

With all the left-handed power being added or examined, Napoli (or Corey Hart) starts to make a lot more sense in fixing the Mariners current imbalance. Napoli is looking for a three year deal, and he's always been a target that I think the Mariners could land with relative ease. Because of his 1B/DH limitations his suitors will be numbered, and the M's can offer a clear path for him to play first base or DH every day. If he unseats Justin Smoak, that's fine with me. If the Mariners want to go all in, they have to upgrade from Smoak, who might be packaged in one of the trades Divish says is bouncing around.

Churchill also said the Mariners have intensified their pursuit of Carlos Beltran, which isn't a surprise.

When it was reported that Beltran had a 3 year, $48 deal in hand, it was associated to the Royals, but later dismissed by Buster Olney as inaccurate. That offer could very likely be from Seattle, and Cano on board might get it done.  I discussed the idea of Beltran on that contract a few days ago.

I said it last night before Cano signed, and I'll say it again. Let's get nuts. Especially with Bartolo Colon, and insert corn nuts joke.