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Mariners rumors: Robinson Cano afternoon update

A quick recap of what's developing with Robinson Cano.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Just a quick post to pass along all the updates from this afternoon.

First, Ken Rosenthal said the Mariners haven't yet offered over $200 million, but that was quickly trumped by Jon Heyman, who said the Mariners are prepared to offer 9 years, $225 million tonight. Cano is on a flight to Seattle right now (there's speculation it's this flight, scheduled to land at 5:40 PST).

Then, the bombshell. Ryan Divish updated his blog post with some big news - Jay-Z himself is on the plane with Cano, and will meet with the team tonight. It seems like the Mariners are dead serious, and this has all the makings of a contract being signed tonight. If Cano gets back on that plane, then all of the speculation and pesimissim that he's merely using Seattle as leverage for New York will probably be confirmed. But knowing that Cano and Jay-Z are coming together, you can be there's at least a decent shot he's not leaving Seattle without putting pen to paper.

At this point, if it really is about the money, I can't see Cano leaving without a deal. It certainly appears Seattle is willing to offer just about anything to make it happen before New York knows if they're getting out of A-Rod's 2014 salary or not.

We'll keep you posted on any developing news. This is fun as hell.