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Mariners meet with Robinson Cano: A poll about his services

Robinson Cano's team met with Seattle team officials yesterday, and these rumors are now more than noise. What's an acceptable offer for his services?

Otto Greule Jr

I remain fairly skeptical that any deal between Robinson Cano and the Mariners is going to happen, but the rest of the world doesn't seem to be operating that way. This morning, I received odds from Bovada for a prop bet on Cano's destination, and the Mariners were assigned 1/1 odds. If you're not familiar with betting, allow me to explain. That's a terrible bet you've never want to make, and the Mariners are overwhelming favorites. Those odds were only up for a half hour or so, and were replaced by 1.25/1 odds, which still keeps them as the favorite. Clearly, despite fan cynicism of this actually happening, the nation believes it's a legitimate possibility. With Jacoby Ellsbury out of the equation, there's dwindling options to get an impact bat.

Any skepticism of whether or not the Mariners interest has been cursory has been erased, since Robinson Cano's crew met with Seattle yesterday, according to this New York Post article. They met with team officials, and were possibly served better salmon than Curtis Granderson had in New York, and the Mariners tried their best to convince his representatives they weren't a mess of an organization desperate to change their culture.

It seems fairly evident that money talks for Cano and Jay-Z, and Seattle has enough to get it done. I haven't done a lot of personal thinking on a fair contract for Cano because I never considered it an actual possibility until about 24 hours ago, though now it clearly is. Knowing that Jacoby Ellsbury just got $153 million, what is an acceptable amount of money to throw at Robinson Cano? What level of insanity are you willing to commit to? Do you care at all, since it's not your money? Perhaps you believe that the Mariners will be forced to spend even more with him in fold, in order to create a winner around him. Let's hear your thoughts - ignoring contract length, what kind of money would you be comfortable offering Robinson Cano to come to Seattle?