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Mariners trivia test

Forget perfect games, walk-off home runs, and WAR. Let's get down to a question that really matters: Which Mariners used a magical bunt to defeat Bigfoot in their comic book series?

Otto Greule Jr

A few years ago, I tried calling in to the Hot Stove League broadcast for one of their Mariners merchandise giveaways. The trivia question was something simple, like, "Who is the all-time home run leader in Mariners' history?" and in the three seconds it took me to formulate an answer (incredibly enough, the wrong one) in my head, another fan had already picked up the phone and claimed the jersey for himself.

It's safe to say that most Mariners fans are like this one. You can probably rattle off Edgar Martinez's career batting line, the number of home runs Ken Griffey, Jr. recorded with the Mariners, Felix Hernandez's win-loss record during his Cy Young season, and the precise decibel of booing that A-Rod receives during every Yankees-M's series in Seattle.

Here, then, are a few more questions for you. This list isn't a litmus test for Seattle fandom (all that takes is a handful of lowered expectations and a case of craft beer), but it's a fun way to gauge your team knowledge and, hopefully, distract you from this endless offseason.

  1. What other Seattle team nearly usurped the name "Mariners"?
  2. Which position player garnered the most expensive contract in franchise history?
  3. Which three players batted over .300 in 5+ consecutive seasons?
  4. Who struck out 19 batters in a game -- and lost?
  5. How many former Mariners (players only) are in the Hall of Fame?
  6. Who hit the most postseason home runs?
  7. In 1996, two players hit over 50 doubles, tying and superseding the record for most doubles in team history. Who were they -- and how many doubles did each player hit?
  8. Which Mariners pitched complete games while allowing just one baserunner?
  9. How many players hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same game?
  10. Who set the record for reaching base at least once in 27 consecutive games?
  11. Against which AL teams do the Mariners have a positive win-loss differential?
  12. Who's the hottest-hitting pitcher in team history?
  13. The Mariners set an MLB record for starting three Japanese players in a single game. Who were they?
  14. How many pitchers notched 17 wins in their rookie seasons?
  15. Which position player holds the record for most bWAR in a single season?
  16. Which pitcher holds the record for most bWAR in a single season?
  17. How many rookies hit 25+ home runs in their first MLB season?
  18. Who holds the highest Game Score (GSc) in franchise history?
  19. Which six players appeared in the "McDonald's Mariners Mojo" comic book series?
  20. How many times has a Mariners home game been cancelled due to rain?


1. The Seahawks, whose name was selected in a fan contest two years prior to the M's first game. Alternate monikers included "Sockeyes," "Olympics," and "Evergreens." 2. Robinson Cano (10 years, $240M). 3. Ichiro Suzuki (10, 2001-2010), Edgar Martinez (7, 1995-2001), and Ken Griffey, Jr. (5, 1990-1994). 4. Randy Johnson against the '97 Oakland A's. He rebounded two months later, fanning another 19 batters and shutting out the White Sox. 5. Three: Gaylord Perry, Goose Gossage, and Rickey Henderson. 6. Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner, each with eight. 7. Edgar Martinez (52) and Alex Rodriguez (54). Edgar set the record at 52 in 1995. 8. Jim Beattie (1983), Brian Holman (1990), and Jarrod Washburn (2009). 9. Four: Donnie Scott, Larry Milbourne, David Segui, and Justin Smoak. 10. Ichiro Suzuki, from May 6 to June 3. During that streak, he collected 47 hits, 11 extra bases, 6 walks, and just 8 strikeouts in 118 at-bats. 11. The Minnesota Twins (214-200) and Tampa Bay Rays (76-65). 12. Jamie Moyer, with six hits. Felix Hernandez leads in extra-base hits, with two (a grand slam and a double). 13. Hisashi Iwakuma, Ichiro Suzuki, and Munenori Kawasaki. 14. Three: Mark Langston (1984), Dave Fleming (1992), and Freddy Garcia (1999). 15. Alex Rodriguez, with 10.3 bWAR in 2000. 16. Randy Johnson, with 8.6 bWAR in 1995. 17. Two: Alvin Davis (27 in 1984) and Danny Tartabull (25 in 1986). 18. Felix Hernandez (2012) and Erik Hanson (1990), both with a score of 99. 19. Ichiro Suzuki, Ruben Sierra, Jamie Moyer, Edgar Martinez, Kazuhiro Sasaki, and Bret Boone. 20. This is a bit of a trick question. The answer is technically zero, but the Mariners were rained out once during the 1994 season, when they were forced to play a home series at Fenway Park due to some much-needed repair work at the Kingdome.