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Nominations: Best of 2013 Lookout Landing

What were your favorite moments of the year?

Otto Greule Jr

We're a mere three days away from 2014, and it's been a fun year.  Usually around this time, people start to assemble lists of things that they enjoyed the most about the year. That's what I'm about to ask of you, so don't dare to challenge convention now. First come the nominations, and then come the awards, later.

It's pretty simple. Tell us what your favorite things on Lookout Landing were this year, and then we sort through them after the nominations pour in.  This includes everything for 2013 - including the posts that occurred before March 12, 2013. Vote on as many or as little as you please. Then, if you feel so inclined, talk about what else you loved around the league.

There's comment threads below to make nominations and talk about potential candidates, and from those I'll narrow down the options for the final vote. Speak up!

The categories:

Lookout Landing:

Best article (overall):

Best article (analysis):

Best article (humor):

Most convincing article:

Best commenter:

Best Fanpost:

Best podcast:

Best comment thread:

Most polarizing topic/best debate:

Biggest site-wide celebration:

Most depressing moment:

Around the league:

Best non-LL Mariners blog:

Best SB Nation team blog (non-LL):

Favorite baseball-themed Twitter account:

Best baseball GIF of the year: