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Munenori Kawasaki returns to MLB

Merry Christmas, baseball fans.

Darren McCollester

Everyone's favorite baseball player is back. Reports from the Toronto Star indicate that the utility infielder who stole so many Canadian hearts last season has picked up a minor league contract for 2014:

Kawasaki's stats were less than impressive in 2013 -- in 96 games, he batted .229/.326/.308 with 12 extra-base hits and seven stolen bases -- but his antics off the field may have played a role in bringing him back to Toronto. Here are just a few of the tools Kawasaki brings to the game:

When asked to address the fans after a walk-off, he proudly asserts his nationality:

He is able and willing to mentor his teammates, and helped Mark DeRosa with some key phrases during his bit on Intentional Talk... twice:

He utilizes his baseball techniques in his offseason activities:

And, perhaps most important of all, he choreographs his own victory dances:

Circle August 11-13 on your calendars, Mariners fans. It may not mean much for the M's win-loss column, but it'll be one series you won't want to miss.