OT Thread 12/2 The Stormquist

On Friday I was in a car accident. I walked away with nothing but burns from the airbag deployment, but I lost my car - a car that meant more to me than simply a car. It was my first car. It had probably 100k miles left before it would die. I moved to California in it. It was my safe space. It was like losing a pet.

With that in mind, here are a few prompts:

  • What is your favorite new higher gas mileage car right now?
  • What is something inanimate that you've lost that was like losing a pet or loved one?
  • Do you have any car accident experiences worth sharing, or car buying experiences?
The Mariners also signed Willie Bloomquist today for a two year contract, because according to Comcast More=Better. It's a move that if any other team made would be laughable but not noteworthy, but for the Mariners... I am starting to intensely dislike this front office, arguably more than Bavasi. No, Zduriencik is not trading away top talent for scrubs, but Bavasi's farm system still actually produced more quality major leaguers and when he did sign players, one could at least understand why even if the thought process was wrong. Zduriencik is simply wasting space.