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Hisashi Iwakuma named as one of three AL Cy Young finalists

Hisashi Iwakuma joins Max Scherzer and Yu Darvish as the final three candidates to win the American League Cy Young award.

Duane Burleson

Run prevention still reigns supreme to many voters, and it's Hisashi Iwakuma who's been announced for a finalist for the American League Cy Young award, not Felix Hernandez. Iwakuma joins likely winner Max Scherzer and Yu Darvish as the three finalists, as Felix Hernandez and Chris Sale miss the boat.

Iwakuma finished 3rd in ERA, behind only Anibal Sanchez and Bartolo Colon, who each threw at least 29 innings less than Iwakuma. While fWAR didn't love Iwakuma thanks to his good, but not great FIP of 3.44, Baseball-Reference's version of pitching WAR loved Iwakuma to the tune of 7.0 - the highest number in the American League.

SB Nation is doing their own awards, which we voted on before the playoffs began. Lookout Landing had two ballots - I had one, and the other was an averaged total of the rest of staff. Iwakuma was third in my ballot behind Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez, and sixth in the staff ballot, which also had Scherzer winning, unanimously. Once the awards are published, we'll reveal our full ballots here.

The Cy Young winner will be announced on November 13, a week from tomorrow.

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