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Managerwatch: Cora, Ausmus, Jeff Datz news

Joey Cora!! Jeff Datz!! I want more real news!

there he is
there he is

They are parading in Boston and bullpen-building in Detroit, which, if you've read our exhaustive 2014 Lookout Landing off-season plan, is both somewhat expected and an interesting component to the makeup of the trade and free agent market. But the Mariners' search for a skipper continues, and we have a few quick updates from Shannon Drayer and the Times' Geoff Baker.

Mariners interview Joey Cora, interested in Brad Ausmus

According to Drayer, the Mariners have already interviewed Joey Cora for the open position, fulfilling a rumor spread both by members of the national media and fans alike. On top of that--and these are Drayer's words--he was in Seattle again Friday, possibly for a second interview.

Drayer's "baseball source" also shared the name of Brad Ausmus, a former catcher and Padres assistant who has been linked with the Mariners before. This is no new news or anything, but I just wanted to be able to bring him up so I could share this with you, from a Sports Illustrated story about "brainy" baseball players back in 2006:

"Brad Ausmus. CLAIM TO BRAINS: Dartmouth grad (government). No grade below B. "He has one of the sharpest wits," says teammate Lance Berkman of the Gold Glover. Ausmus's father, Harry, is a retired professor of European history at Southern Connecticut State and the author of A Schopenhauerian Critique of Nietzsche's Thought, which Ausmus, 37, calls his "favorite book." Lidge says the catcher has absent-minded-professor moments. "One game Roger Clemens had to call Brad out [to the mound] three times because he kept messing up the signs," says Lidge. "I think at least two times Brad didn't know how many outs there were."

I'm sold.

EDIT 11/2: Looks like the Tigers have just hired Ausmus. Just when things start to get interesting.

Mariners fire Robby Thompson, reassign Jeff Datz

This, from Geoff Baker's twitter on Friday night:

No big surprise here, as its usually kosher for teams to allow new managers to bring in their own crews. But it's interesting that the M's have kept a door open for former third base coach Jeff Datz, who was diagnosed with cancer last spring before undergoing radiation treatment and ultimately returning to the dugout. Datz seems like a great guy, and I've always heard nothing but the best about him. I'll miss seeing his emphatic windmill arms waving runners home, but it's great to hear he's at least been offered a position in the interim. Also, as a brief aside, the "scouting position" offered to Datz has yet to be accepted, so he could just as well be on the way out.

Below, your link roundup. But first, what do you think about the prospect of Joey Cora? While the supposed "second interview" is entirely theoretical, it's certainly not unbelievable or unlikely.

Mariners fire bench coach Robby Thompson, reassign Jeff Datz- Geoff Baker

Mariners interested in Joey Cora, Brad Ausmus- Shannon Drayer

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