OT Thread 11/15 The Calm

I was all about to comment on the old OT thread and found that the comments had been closed. So I just thought there would be another already in place. However, all I found were a couple of interesting Mariner related posts. Sure, Hanigan would be a decent option for the team and I would like to see the All Raul Team in at least a simulation, both good posts, but I don't want to think about only baseball. So I decided to try my hand at getting off topic post up.

It is nearly winter and for many of us it is a break from day to day following of baseball. So we have time to maybe catch up on movies, watch TV shows, go to the theater, go to concerts, read books, or just contemplate life. For those more active there are still places to hike and run and soon the time for winter sports will be upon us. So there is a great deal to talk about and share.

I have always enjoyed this time of November, since it is the final calm before the season of interminable family events. I have also envied those who families actually have enjoyable family events. Ironically it is those families don't usually have to use the holidays as an excuse/requirement to see each other.

It is also the calm before the baseball winter meetings, and every rumor is like a small noise in the house just before you go to sleep. Is that sound an intruder? Probably not, but you worry. You worry because your house was broken into last year and your toaster oven was stolen. And that toaster oven really tied the kitchen together. Well enough of that, we need some distractions from the noise.

This discussion is driven by your participation but I am uncreative so here are CapSea's prompts for prompts from last month:

  • Hobbies
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Mortality
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Beer

With that let us share our thoughts and wisdom and please come up with some good questions as mine are all over the place.