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Mariners begin filling out coach roles, Trent Jewett set to become bench coach

Lloyd McClendon is getting the gang back together, and Joel Sherman indicates that Nationals third base coach Trent Jewett is the first to saddle up.

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Now that Lloyd McClendon is settling in at manager, it's time for him to call up all of his old buddies to fill out his coaching staff. This is always somewhat of an interesting process for new managers, as sometimes they'll bring guys from their previous jobs or other people they know from around the league. The first order of business is the bench coach position, which I've always envisioned as the guy who comes into the manager's office after a loss and splits a bottle of scotch with you, ranting about how much you both secretly hate that one outfielder who refuses to listen to anything, and how you can justify benching him without pissing off the fans. Then that bench coach goes out and gets all buddy buddy with the players in the locker room and end of the dugout, listening to how much they hate the manager or the newly acquired reliever, and then he leaks it all back to the top. He's like a cool TA in college who will bring pizza to study groups and give you burned CDs of bands he likes but sell you out for missing a session to your professor at the first chance he gets, whatever Derek, I don't even remember you or that Nada Surf record.

Anyways, Joel Sherman is reporting that McClendon's former Pirates buddy Trent Jewett is set to join him as the new bench coach of the Mariners. Jewett is currently the third base coach for the Washington Nationals, a role which he also filled with the Pirates when McClendon was at the helm as well. He's a long tenured minor league manager, spending the vast majority of his coaching career in AAA. He's managed 2,346 minor league games, and won 12 more games than he lost, so that's a statistic.  Jewett interviewed for the Nationals head coaching job before Matt Williams got it. He hasn't been a bench coach before on the major league level.

If he's indeed as much of a lock as Sherman is indicating, then he'll fill the role vacated by Robby Thompson, who definitely shared some scotch with Eric Wedge complaining about sabermetrics and Dustin Ackley being a pensive robot.

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