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10/5: ALDS Games Open Thread

AL Playoff Bonanza!

woah calm down you're not in boston yet
woah calm down you're not in boston yet
Ronald Martinez

At 2:30 its the Rays and the Red Sox for Game Two in Boston. Come for David Price and future Mariner Jacoby Ellsbury, stay for more "I got it" fake-outs and Delmon Youngs.


P. David Price (L)

Red Sox:

Then at 6:00 we travel to glorious Oakland, California to see Justin Verlander and the Tigers take on the Athletics and whatever a Sonny Gray is. Here's your fun tidbit for the day: According to Baseball Reference, the A's rookie is the first player named 'Sonny' to play in the major leagues since 1975, but for all the glory that might bring he has to go through life being called 'Sonny' by old people who both know, and don't know, his name. Lineups to come.