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Carlos Peguero's wife charged with stealing from Felix Hernandez's wife

Carlos Peguero's wife has been charged with wire fraud with a possible 20-year prison sentence. Her victim? Felix Hernandez's wife.

death stare
death stare

Here's a totally bizarre story to start your morning with. Carlos Peguero's wife, Maria, has been charged with up to three counts of wire fraud, carrying a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison. The victim? Sandra Hernandez. Apparently this all happened at some point last season, and while the Hernandez family realized the fraud and got their money ($180,000) back, it's just now coming out that the culprit was closer to them than they knew. I don't want to take too much away from Mike Carter's revealing story at the Times since quite a bit of work surely went into it, but here's some choice quotes. The full story can be read at The Seattle Times.

The charges were filed by the U.S. Secret Service on Oct. 1 and allege that Maria Peguero used a debit card belonging to Sandra Hernandez to have nearly $180,000 in merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue delivered to her Fife apartment between June 26, 2012 and Oct. 9, 2012.

According to the investigation, Maria Peguero is associated with an email address,, that was later traced to a Twitter account on which agents found photographs of Peguero wearing some of the items they believe were purchased illegally from Saks.

In one, Peguero is sitting next to a Gucci handbag identical to one purchased from Saks through the Hernandez account for $1,750.

According to the complaint, the purchases went on for more than three months, during which time Peguero contacted Sandra Hernandez to ask if she ever reviewed her debit-card statements. Hernandez told Peguero "that she did not usually review the bills because their finances were managed by a third party," according to the complaint.

Crazy. Carlos Peguero is going to be 27 next year, is out of options, on the 40-man roster, and is coming off a down year where he posted a .260/.321/.460 line in Tacoma. This development probably doesn't help his future in the organization.