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Interview with Edgar Martinez

Mariners Hall of Famer and baseball's greatest designated hitter joins me for a conversation about the Mariners managerial search, whether or not he's been contacted about a coaching position, moving from the Kingdome to Safeco Field, why offense is down since he played, and where the Eagle Hardware light bat ended up.

Otto Greule Jr

We're fortunate enough today to speak with a Mariners legend. Edgar Martinez joins me for a conversation today in preparation for his appearance at the grand opening of the new Dick's Sporting Goods in Issaquah tomorrow, where he'll be meeting fans from 12:30-2pm.

You can listen to the interview in full here, and we may include it in a future podcast as well.

Lookout Landing Edgar Martinez Interview

Lookout Landing interview with Edgar Martinez">


On Joey Cora as a manager:

Joey is a baseball guy, he has a great knowledge for the game...he knows how to win, the fans love Joey. I think he would be a great fit. He earns the respect of his players.

On whether Edgar has been asked to return to the organization as a coach:

No, they haven't reached out to me, and I don't know if they have reached out to any other ex-players. There's a number of guys who could be great managers. One that comes to mind is Dan Wilson. Catchers know pitchers, they know the game very well, Dan is a very smart guy.

On Joey Votto and being too selective:

Some coaches and some scouts, they have the style that you have to be more aggressive. My style was completely opposite. I was aggressive when I felt that I needed to be aggressive. I studied a pitcher enough so that I have an idea of what they want to do, and I don't want to be aggressive in situations when I know that pitcher is going to pitch around me, if he's going to throw a slider or a change-up. I want to be aggressive when I feel good that this guy is going to come with a fastball in the middle of the plate, he wants to get ahead.

On offense being down since his time in the game:

Today the players come from the minor leagues with three years of experience. They're growing in the big leagues...I spent seven years in the minors. I went though my ups and downs in the minors, and when I came to the big leagues I have confidence that I could play.

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