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10/1/13: Manager watch

The first decision the Mariners are faced with this offseason is filling the spot vacated by Eric Wedge. Enjoy the first batch of hot, hot rumors.

Otto Greule Jr

The stove, it's so hot right now. The Mariners have to find somebody to replace Eric Wedge, and while there's pretty much zero sense of urgency, the rumors have already started to fly around, so here's some of them.

Everyone's favorite writer Jon Heyman essentially dumps all over the Mariners in his column, stating that people basically don't want to work here, and nobody is going to want this job when Jack Zduriencik could be gone within a year. Here are some choice quotes to read with your coffee.

Mariners in a sorry state when Eric Wedge says no to their job

So now, Zduriencik will seek to hire a manger who understands there is a real possibility Zduriencik will be gone after the year, leaving the new guys hanging. Perhaps they could simply elevate Robby Thompson, who may deserve a shot, or bring one of their former players in to try it for a year (a la Colorado and Walt Weiss). But as for going outside, and making a spalsh by hiring someone with an established track record for next year, that's probably not going to happen, not with Zduriencik himself seemingly hanging by a thread.

"Nobody's going to want to take that job," said one coach who's been mentioned as a managerial candidate in some places.


On the other hand, there's this from Ken Rosenthal.

It didn't take long for the former Mariners to start popping up, and Cora's been eternally linked to the Mariners every time there's even a potential opening. Bryan Price is a new one. It probably won't be long before somebody speculates in all sincerity that the Mariners ask Ibanez to manage, or maybe reach out to Jamie Moyer. If you've ever listened to Seattle sports radio, you know this city loves to suggest that their former players will make good coaches for no apparent reason other than basic feel-goodery.

Rosenthal also reported that the Mariners were considering Ron Gardenhire, but after his two year extension with the Twins, that's out the window.

Dave Cameron and Heyman agree that the candidate should come internally, and Cameron suggests Zduriencik's adviser Ted Simmons and 2013's arm fiasco pinch-manager Robbie Thompson as the most likely candidates.

Daren Brown seems like a guy who will probably get an interview too, having been around these players all year long while no longer managing Tacoma.

That's all for today's edition of manager watch - stay tuned as the Mariners hold a laser pointer underneath the off-season stove.