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My Baseball Winter of Discontent

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A result from photo searching "bored"
A result from photo searching "bored"
Feng Li

Big news today out of Seattle as, according to reports out of ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks have settled on a possible reserve for placekicker Steven Hauschka. Hauschka is suffering a mild calf injury and though he was able to perform his duties in a limited fashion last Sunday, the Seahawks tried out some kickers as insurance. Apparently they have signed Ryan Longwell to be that insurance. Longwell is a former Packer-turned-Viking, but is not hated by the people of Green Bay because nobody rightly gets emotional about kickers.

Sure, this is a Mariners blog and sure, there is already a Seahawks blog, on this very same network even. I don't care. Here is a complete list of official Mariner-taken transactions this winter:

Released their spunky-yet-bad-at-baseball backup shortstop.
Sent some late September call-ups back to Triple-A.
Re-signed some minor leaguers and Oliver Perez and Hisashi Iwakuma.
Claimed and then waived Scott Cousins.
Traded Trayvon Robinson to the Orioles for Robert Andino.
Added some minor leaguers to the 40-man roster.
Finally released Chone Figgins and Mauricio Robles.
Traded Jason Vargas to the Angels for Kendrys Morales.
Signed a washed up outfielder. No, not that one, the first one.
Signed a guy who hasn't pitched in years.
Signed the other washed up outfielder.
Signed oh who cares.

The most noteworthy thing they've done, aside from be involved in rumors, is the Vargas for Morales trade. The highest paid free agent they've signed is Raul Ibanez. The highest paid free agent they've signed is Raul Ibanez. I wrote that twice intentionally. The highest paid free agent they've signed is Raul Ibanez. Now it's three times.

When I wrote the first words of this post, "big news", regarding someone who might just be a back-up kicker of all things, I'm not sure I was even being sarcastic. My perception on what counts as big news is shattered, laying in ruins like so many off season hopes for the Mariners.

Oh gods I am bored with this team.