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Erik Bedard Signs with Houston Astros

Not reeee-united, and it feeeeels so meh
Not reeee-united, and it feeeeels so meh
Jared Wickerham

Erik Bedard has signed a minor league contract with the Houston Astros. That's pretty much the end of the story for now. He'll get a Spring Training invite of course. Nothing about anything here is a surprise except maybe the part about it being the Astros who signed him because I wasn't sure the Astros were aware that they can make contract offers to professional baseball players.

Apparently they know! Which just makes their current roster more confusing.

In case you were wondering how fans/bloggers of other teams react to signings such as these, the Pirates blog has a send-off post, and the Astros blog has a welcome post. Both mention xFIP! Neither mention anything like WHIP! Baseball writing has come a long way.